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When you have finished up the quests in Steamfont Mountains at around level 42 you can move on to Lavastorm. Lavastorm is a classic zone that has had a revamp so, turning it into one of the best places to level in your 40’s. If you reach level 52 and still have quests left to do here, I suggest turning the AA slider to 100% before completing the rest of the quests here.

The map below shows the different quest givers and in approximately what order they should be done:

Everquest 2 leveling guide















Below is a list of the quests you should do while in Lavastorm:

Shrine of Thunder (A)

  • A Fiery Test (42)
  • Researching Lavastorm: Relics of Battle (50)
  • Researching Lavastorm: Wormling Study (45)
  • Researching Lavastorm: Restoring the Records (50)
  • Researching Lavastorm: The Gnomish Problem (45)

Sootfoot Talent Society (B)

At Fennin’s Pass  (B1)


  1. Rock Collecting (45)
  2. Instant Jerky (45)
  3. Spreading Trouble (46)
  4. Beastie Bronco (47)
  5. More Talent in the Society (48)


  1. Truly Outrageous (45)
  2. Gem is Adventure (46)
  3. Fate of the Fire Imps (47)
  4. Body Heat (48)
  5. Like Pulling Teeth (55)

At Goblet of Ro (B2)


  1. Booming Business (49)
  2. Flaming Glob Grab (50)
  3. Pieces of Flare (51)
  4. Lava Crystal Therapy (52)
  5. Drake Die-Kaput Time (53)


  1. Stinky Mission, Indeed (49)
  2. Rumble Tumble (50)
  3. Tiptoe Through the Lava Fields (51)


Once you are around level 52 and have completed all the quests here you can move on to Sinking Sands.

Alternate Zones:


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2 Responses to Everquest 2 Leveling Guide : 43 -52 Lavastorm

  • Are you sure you don’t mean Everfrost for this level range? I have levelled 2 toons recently, and not once did I go to Lavastorm for this. Instead, Everfrost offers a huge number of solo quests for this range (with a few repeatables for easy xp). Lavastorm, on the other hand, offers nothing.

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    • Yes, Lavastrom has had solo quest series for a while now (since GU51, April 2009) and is part of the "Golden Path" for solo questing.

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